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Wine Pairing Dinner at Dueto Restaurant with Nakkal Wines – Thursday, November 30th

“An Evening of Contrasts” 

We are delighted to invite you to a wine - pairing dinner where traditional Italian cuisine comes together with bold new wines for an extraordinary night for the senses.

The event will take place at the lovely restaurant Dueto Cocina Urbana, featuring a menu crafted by Chef Pablo Paleo that will be expertly paired with a curated selection of wines from Nakkal Wines.

About the Winery:
Nakkal Wines is a winery owned by the duo of winemakers and friends Santiago Degasperi and Nicolás Monforte. Their wines are known for their relaxed style and are crafted with minimal intervention, showing a deep respect for nature. These characteristics align perfectly with the global NatCool movement (originating in Portugal under the guidance of renowned winemaker Dirk Niepoort), of which they are proud members today.

In just three years, this winery has already exported nearly 95% of its production to eight countries: the United States, Poland, England, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Japan, and Peru.
Joining us will be winemaker Santiago Degasperi, who will guide us through each course and share insights about each of their innovative wines.


1st Course

Poached egg on bed of fresh spinach with croutons.
Wine: NakcooBlanco

2nd Course

Caramelized sweetbreads with a balsamic reduction.
Wine: Anfor Orange

3rd Course

Gnocchi in a tomato basil sauce
Wine: Suelto Merlot

4th Course

Sirloin steak with rustic potatoes and tannat sauce.
Wine: Suelto Tannat

5th Course
Cacao-infused dulce de leche mousse.
Wine: Simple Rosé

(Those who would like a vegetarian meal or have other dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance).

DATE: Thursday, November 30th
TIME: 20 hs 


Info and reservations: 097502218 /

Dueto restaurant address: Bartolomé Mitre 1386, Ciudad Vieja.
Note: The dinner will take place on the first floor accessed via a flight of stairs.

• In order to reserve your place, payment must be made in advance (payments can be made in cash, by bank draft/transfer (Brou, Itau, Santander, BBVA or Red Pagos).
• Payment details will be sent individually to those who request a reservation.
• The last day to confirm your reservation and make payment for the activity is on Tuesday 28th (subject to availability).

Very limited quotas 

This is a special opportunity that you won’t want to miss!

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