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We are a group of wine lovers that every month runs through the different Uruguayan wineries.



Our mission is to know all the wineries: the smalls, the larges, the little known... all of them.

We are explorers and we love to discover those places where you can enjoy good wine.



We are passionate not only for the wine, but for the cult that surrounds it.

We believe that this project allows us to work while we do what we love, share with friends and
enjoy beautiful moments together.
When your work is your passion, it becomes the best of life.


Fortunately there are many faithful followers of Wine Explorers Uruguay in all its editions, but it is always a pleasure to welcome new friends and share the love for the wine in each meeting.


All started at the beginning of 2015 when Verónica González Carli visited wineries every time she had the opportunity.

In a short time, the wine tours becamed a monthly event for their environment and little by little more people joined in each new encounter. Then, naturally, Wine Explorers Uruguay was born.

At the end of 2016 Tavis Davidson joined to the Wine Explorers UY project, (he is from USA and Switzerland), which began as a faithful participant of the group and became being an invaluable contribution to the team.

Without having been thought of as a professional project, today is a dream that continues to growing and that fills us with joy in each edition.


Wonderful experience, very well organized. It must be an obligatory event for all
who visit Uruguay. Good way to explore Uruguayan wine culture.

Undīne Uzulēna - Stockholm, Sweden.

Vinos Recomendados
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