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1- What requirements are needed to participate in Wine Explorers Uruguay events?
The only requirements are to be over 18 years of age if you are going to enjoy the wines offered on the tour and to have made the reservation and advance payment corresponding to the experience you want to participate in.

2- What do the experiences include?
-Each event is different. Winery visits inlclude round-trip transportation by private bus (according to the size of the group), a tour of the winery by the owners or managers of the establishments, wine tasting and lunch with wine. Tips and a coordinator responsible for the group are also included in the cost. Full details of each activity is communicated specifically for each experience.
-For pairing dinners or other events that do not take place in wineries, transportation may not be included, but can always be arranged for an additional cost.
-Private tours and excursions are tailor-made to fit the needs and desires of the guests.


3- Is it possible to request a special menu?
Of course! As long as you indicate in advance when making the reservation, specific diets can always be accommodated, for example: vegetarian, vegan, celiac, diabetic, etc.
However, delayed requests or requests the same day as the excursion for an alternative menu may not be possible due to planning and logistics.


4- In what language are the experiences carried out?
All of our experiences are bilingual: Spanish - English.


5- Are there special prices for minors or people who do not drink alcohol?
-There are special prices for minors. Specific age ranges and prices depend on each establishment we visit and should be enquired about in advance.
-If you would like to participate in the experience of the excursion, but do not consume alcohol, there is a discounted price subject to the offer made by the establishment we visit.

6- What are the current means of payment?
Payments for the experiences may be made via bank transfer (BROU – ITAU – SANTANDER or MI DINERO Card from RED PAGOS). If you would like to pay by credit card, you can do so via MERCADO PAGO or PAYPAL, however there is an an additional 8% surcharge.
It is not possible to make payments on the day of the experience.


7- How are reservations made for events?
Reservations are made via any of our communication channels 
-mobile: +598.097.502.218 
-email: veró 

-Online Platforms: Instagram (@wineexploreruy) and Facebook 
Reserved spaces are only guaranteed once advance payment has been made. Unpaid reservations expire once the restricted space of the experience has been reached, in order to make space for other paid reservations.


8- What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations made more than 48hours before the date of the experience will receive a full refund or given the option to apply the money to a future event. 
For cancellations less than 48hrs in advance, no refunds are made.


9- What route is taken by the bus to the wineries?
All activities which include transportation have the starting point: Montevideo Shopping Center, in front of the entrance of Casino Maroñas (Luis A. de Herrera 1290). 
The route to the establishment depends on the final destination. Stops for pick-up and drop-off can be coordinated during the route, as long as they do not cause a deviation from the route. We recommend asking about the route for each event to coordinate possible stops.


10- What happens if I do not arrive at the place of departure at the established time?
The departure time will be duly reminded to all guests the day before the experience. Departure times are punctual, with a 5 minute grace period. After that time, the bus will depart and will result in no claim or refund of money.


11- Can tours be carried out on other dates than those planned?
Yes, of course! Personalized tours can be arranged to visit any winery in Uruguay, with transportation included, on the day requested, with no minimum number of people.

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